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JPH has been in the field for months and no one knows exactly where he is at the moment. Consequently, this web site is incomplete and always under construction. If you would like to assist JPH with his research, please send your information or data that can contribute to what you see here (e-mail with attachments), and I'll forward it to Dr. Harrington in the field.

JPH Workshop at Hokan-Penutian Meeting

A joint meeting of the Hokan-Penutian Workshop and the JP Harrington Conference will be held at UC-Davis on June 21, 1997 (possibly extending into Sunday, June 22nd, if the number of papers warrants). Anyone interested in participating should send a title and short description of the presentation to: Martha J. Macri or Helen McCarthy, Native American Language Center, Dept. of Native American Studies, UC-Davis, Davis, CA 95616 ( or

Where in the world is JPH?!


Newsletter of the J.P. Harrington Conference

Last update: 17 April 1997